About Us

Our Vision

To be a world class Recycling Hub, providing global innovative best practices as it pertains to Environmental Sanitation and Waste Management.

Our Mission

Providing solution to the menace of nylon waste through employing the structural strategy of the 3R’s: Reduce, Recycle, Reuse.

  • Encouraging a healthy and nylon free environment: With the Structural and strategic process of 3R's, we have been able to create a cyclic system of using nylon products.
  • Wealth creation through the system of Waste-to-Wealth (W2W): We collect nylon waste from individuals in exchange of incentives (Monetary and/or non-monetary).
  • Job opportunities in form of factory workers, Waste sorting, Operators, Marketers, Drivers, Distributors, Retailers etc).
  • C.S.R: Giving back to the community through environmental sanitation and awareness.

Numbers Don’t Lie

We have worked round the clock for 13 years to make our customers happy. The followings are what we have been able to achieve

51KTonnes Recycled
meet our team

Talents Behind Our Success

Our team is made up of highly skilled and very passionate individuals working towards the same goal. 

Sarah Pam Dagah

Her entrepreneurial spirit and passion developed as a young woman with her Mom as a role model. She has progressed in stages from buying and selling to becoming a professional in Catering, Industrial Production, and Waste Management.

Fwangmun Dashuwa
Manager Corporate Services/Strategic Development

He holds a Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) in Business Education and a Bachelor of Science (Education) in Economics from the reputable College of Education Gindiri and University of Jos Respectively, with an MSc in Society and Development Studies in View.
He is a certified member of Hexavian Business club with test of knowledge and competence in the understanding of brands, business and strategy development and in handling of projects.
He is a passionate aspiring entrepreneur with LOVE in Environmental Sanitation, Technology (with expertise in Social Media engagements) and Grassroot politics.

Joseph Dillas
Customer Relations

Dillas is responsible for building and maintaining profitable relationships with every customer.


What They Are Saying

    Wilval Global Resources Ltd is a 13years and counting registered company with its sole mandate (but not limited) in environmental sanitation/waste management.


    Kuru Jantar, Jos Plateau State


    08096857948, 08051104995