We have been supplying high quality polythene products for thousands of Nigerians in the last 6 years

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As a registered Environmental Sanitation and Waste Management Company, we offer wide range of expert advice covering: Waste Management and Environmental Sanitation, drainage and sewage cleaning, etc. 


WILVAL RECYCLING is a subsidiary of WILVAL GLOBAL RESOURCES LTD. We collect nylon waste from the environment as raw material, process it and use it in manufacturing of quality polythene bags.

Polythene Manufacturing

WILVAL POLYTHENE is also a subsidiary of WILVAL GLOBAL RESOURCES LTD. We produce quality polythene bags of different sizes, shapes, colours and uses. We achieve this by using 98% of recycled nylon waste.

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  • We choose only clients that share in our values.
  • We produce Reusable nylon bags with 98% Recycled nylon waste materials.
  • Our process is tried and trusted
  • We are committed to quality
  • We are always striving to provide solution and improve customer experience.


Keeping our customers happy and satisfied 


Of polythene waste recycled 


Our products are used in over 25 locations across the country

Reliable and Dependable

We have enjoyed a long term relationship with Wilval Global Resources Ltd. They have provided us with quality cash polythene bags/waste bags

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Wilval Global is the Best!

Wilval Global Resources Ltd is the number one solution to quality polythene bags. We have been a happy customer for a year now

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Wilval Global Cares

Wilval Gloval Resources Ltd has gone extra miles to deliver most time.

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    Wilval Global Resources Ltd is a 13years and counting registered company with its sole mandate (but not limited) in environmental sanitation/waste management.


    Kuru Jantar, Jos Plateau State


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